Waterproof Outdoor Electrical Junction Box

Model : SHK-172711
One of the key features of our plastic junction boxes is their exceptional waterproof rating of IP66. This high level of waterproofing ensures that the boxes can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, effectively protecting the internal components from moisture and other environmental factors.
Product Detail

To ensure easy installation, each junction box comes equipped with four mounting brackets and four mounting hole screws.  This convenient and simple setup allows for quick and hassle-free installation in various applications.  Whether you need a terminal box, bus box, control box, or any other custom box, our junction boxes are versatile enough to meet your requirements.


Waterproof Outdoor Electrical Junction Box PRODUCT PROPERTIES

Colour: RAL 7035

Type of cover: Cover

Number of modules: 175*275*110

Number of rows: 1

Product accessories: Mounting fittings

IP protection level: IP66

Impact protection class:IK09

Flame retardant: 650℃ (30s)


Waterproof Outdoor Electrical Junction Box ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITION

Application area: Indoor/Outdoor installation

Maximum ambient temperature 24 h: 35 °C

Ambient temperature: -5 °C up to +40 °C

Relative humidity: ≤ 50 % at 40 °C, ≤ 100 % at 25 °C


Waterproof Outdoor Electrical Junction Box PERFORMANCE

Rated voltage: Un = 400 V

Rated insulation voltage:Ui:690V

Protection class:II

Rated current (of the terminal):In = 75 A

N separable:No

conforming to the standards:EN 60670-1, DIN EN 60670-24


Waterproof Outdoor Electrical Junction Box MATERIAL CHARACTERISTICS 

Material:ABS Shell / PC Door

According to IEC 60695-2-11 glow wire test temperature:650 °C

UL 94 Class:V-2

Temperature resistance:-25 °C up to +80 °C




Waterproof Outdoor Electrical Junction Box APPLICATION SCENARIO

Metallurgy, steel, nuclear power plant, power plant, chemical industry, tunnel engineering, subway, charging pile, photovoltaic


Waterproof Outdoor Electrical Junction Box Size

L W H Model
100 150 90
125 175 90
150 150 90
160 210 100
175 275 110
200 300 130
250 350 150
330 430 180
430 530 200
430 630 230
530 730 250
630 830 280
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