Outdoor IP66 Weatherproof Plastic Junction Box

Model : SHK-121709
Whether you require them for industrial, commercial, or residential applications, our products are designed to excel in diverse settings.

SELHTO's One of the key advantages of our junction boxes is their customization capability. We understand that each customer has specific parameters and requirements. Therefore, we offer tailored solutions to meet your exact needs. Our streamlined production process enables us to deliver fast and efficient results, ensuring your customized junction boxes are produced and delivered promptly.

L W H Model
100 150 90
125 175 90
150 150 90
160 210 100
175 275 110
200 300 130
250 350 150
330 430 180
430 530 200
430 630 230
530 730 250
630 830 280

1.Customization capabilities:

  • One of the main advantages of SELHTO junction boxes is their ability to meet customer-specific parameters and requirements. This customization ensures that no matter the size of a customer's project or need, they receive the most suitable solution.

2. Product features:

  • IP66 protection grade and IK09 impact protection grade ensure that the junction box can provide reliable protection in harsh outdoor environments.
  • Flame retardant performance (650℃/30s) and standard-compliant materials (ABS shell/PC door) further enhance its safety and durability.
  • Halogen-free and silicon-free material selection makes it more environmentally friendly and meets the sustainable development requirements of modern industry.

3. Environmental conditions:

  • The junction box is suitable for a wide temperature range (-5°C to +40°C) and can operate in high humidity conditions (≤50% at 40°C, ≤100% at 25°C), which makes It is ideally suited for both outdoor and indoor installations.

4. Performance parameters:

  • Parameters such as rated voltage, rated insulation voltage, protection level, and rated current all meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring its reliability and safety.

5. Application scenarios:

  • Junction boxes are suitable for many key fields such as metallurgy, steel, nuclear power plants, power plants, chemical industry, etc. These fields have extremely high requirements on the safety and reliability of equipment.
  • It is also suitable for modern infrastructure projects such as tunnel projects, subways, charging piles, and photovoltaics, demonstrating its wide applicability and flexibility.
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