Small distribution box installation steps

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The steps to install a small distribution box include selecting a suitable location, installing the base, placing the distribution box, connecting the wires, and checking for acceptance. Warm reminder: Do not disassemble or modify without experience and professionals.

IP65 Plastic Distribution Box

1. Select location
Before installing a small distribution box, you must first choose a suitable location. It is necessary to consider factors such as the use function, ventilation and heat dissipation of the electrical box, and choose a location that is close to the main power supply and easy to operate.

2. Install the base
The small distribution box needs to be installed on the base, so the base of the distribution box needs to be installed at the selected location. The base should be installed on a stable and stable foundation and can be fixed with expansion bolts or steel nails.

3. Place the electrical box
After installing the base, you need to place the small distribution box on the base and tighten the screws. When placing the electrical box, be careful to keep it level.

Wall Mount Electric Distribution Box
4. Connect the wires
Introduce the wires into the small distribution box and connect the wires. Connect the wires to the corresponding positions according to the drawings or installation instructions. When wiring, be careful not to reverse the positive and negative poles, and also pay attention to the sealing of the wires.

5. Acceptance
After the installation is completed, acceptance needs to be carried out. After connecting the switch and socket to the small distribution box, test the leakage protector to ensure that the electrical connection of the electric box is correct, and conduct a power-on test run to check whether the contact of all wiring points is good, whether there are abnormal sounds and power fluctuations, etc. 

Precautions for use Small distribution box

Small distribution boxes are high-voltage electrical appliances. Pay attention to safety when using them. Do not disassemble or modify them without experience and professionals. During use, avoid moisture and heat, as well as overload and short circuit, and do not place flammable or explosive items near the electrical box.

The above are the installation steps and precautions for small distribution boxes. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. During the installation process, be sure to operate in accordance with the specifications to ensure safety and reliability.