Professional R&D team
In order to produce high quality products, we set up professional research and development team, the introduction of modern production equipment.Our design and development department constantly innovates to meet the different requirements of various users in the global market on the design and function of distribution box, junction box and isolation switch, and creates a series of high-quality products. Our professional level is reflected in the impeccable quality, safety, durability and easy operation of products. We have the most advanced production equipment and close working process in the world. Our production department to customer needs as the core, to serve customers for the purpose, to provide customers with a variety of solutions.
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Advanced Production Equipment
Our products have a series of complete testing equipment for self-testing. Whether in product temperature rise, mechanical life, material flame retardant, high pressure resistance, vibration, and high temperature, low temperature, or dust, pollution, moisture-proof, waterproof, corrosion, mechanical strength and other aspects are far beyond the requirements of similar products and various standards.
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Rigorous Quality Inspection
Our electrical enclosures undergo a rigorous quality testing process to ensure their reliability and durability in a variety of environmental conditions. We perform IP67 immersion testing, sand and dust testing, high and low temperature testing, and rain testing to ensure that our products meet or exceed industry standards for ingress protection, durability, and performance.
IP67 water immersion test
To determine the tightness of components, equipment or other devices when immersed in water under specified pressure and time conditions
High and low temperature test
Under low temperature and high temperature conditions, environmental simulation tests are carried out on the physical and other related characteristics of the product to judge whether the product performance meets the predetermined requirements.
Dust test
Artificially simulate the sand and dust environment to test the dustproof ability of the product to ensure that the product can be used for a long time in various harsh natural environments.
Rain Test
To ensure the ability of the product to prevent the penetration of liquids and the stability and reliability of the work when or after being attacked by liquids.