4 Way - 36 Way Distribution Box For Sale

Model : SHPN Series
The popularization of power grids has brought a lot of convenience to our lives. When you go outside, you can see distribution boxes of various sizes everywhere.
Product Detail

Features of 4 Way - 36 Way Distribution Box:

Among all the categories of distribution boxes, there is a kind of distribution box called a waterproof distribution box. Some people also call it a rain-proof distribution box, or an outdoor distribution box. In fact, this type of distribution box is mainly used outdoors to prevent Some bad weather.


4 Way - 36 Way Distribution Box PRODUCT PROPERTIES

Colour: RAL 7035
Type of cover: Cover
Transparent cover: Yes
Number of modules: 4 way - 36 way
Number of rows: 1-3
Product accessories: DIN rail(s)
IP protection level: IP66
Impact protection class:IK09


4 Way - 36 Way Distribution Box ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITION

Application area: Indoor/Outdoor installation
Maximum ambient temperature 24 h: 35 °C
Ambient temperature: -5 °C up to +40 °C
Relative humidity: ≤ 50 % at 40 °C, ≤ 100 % at 25 °C


4 Way - 36 Way Distribution Box PERFORMANCE  

Rated voltage: Un = 400 V

Rated insulation voltage:Ui:690V
Protection class:II
Rated current (of the terminal):In = 75 A
N separable:No
conforming to the standards:EN 60670-1, DIN EN 60670-24


4 Way - 36 Way Distribution Box MATERIAL CHARACTERISTICS

Material:ABS Shell / PC Door
According to IEC 60695-2-11 glow wire test temperature:650 °C
UL 94 Class:V-2
Temperature resistance:-25 °C up to +80 °C


How to use distribution box safely

1. Check the distribution box regularly
It is necessary to regularly check the operating status of the electrical system of the distribution box. During the inspection, possible dust accumulation can be removed, the appropriateness of the insulation material can be determined, and possible dangers can be eliminated.

2. Do not open the electrical box casually
Before opening the distribution box, you must cut off the power supply and use insulating gloves and insulating shoes. The front cover of the distribution box must not be opened and the operation must not be performed unless it is done by professionals. In addition, flammable and explosive items must not be left near the distribution box to avoid accidents.

3. Avoid overloading
Overloading is one of the common causes of distribution box failure. It is necessary to ensure that the rated power and load of the devices and components in the distribution box do not exceed the rated value. Especially in the case of violent operation and serious damage, timely repairs are required.

4. Keep dry and clean
The distribution box should be kept dry and clean to prevent product damage. If water intrusion or other deformation is found, it should be inspected and repaired in time.

5. Implement electrical safety measures
When using the distribution box, necessary safety measures must be implemented, such as checking the ground wire, installing a leakage protector, using an explosion-proof box, etc. This can reduce the possible risks of electric shock and fire when using the distribution box and prevent accidents.

6. Do not abuse distribution boxes
Do not use the distribution box to perform dangerous operations at will. For example, it is prohibited to use the function and electrical load and power load operation of the distribution box for which it was not originally designed.

The correct use and maintenance of the distribution box is the key to ensuring its normal operation and safe use. Regular inspections and compliance with electrical safety regulations and standards are required to ensure that the distribution box functions safely and reliably.

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